ANA Joins Amicus Brief on Affirmative Action

  1. 3/27/03

    ANA joined with the Association of American Medical
    Colleges in an amicus brief submitted to the United States
    Supreme Court regarding affirmative action in professional
    education. ANA has had long-standing policies in support
    of diversity in nursing education.
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  3. by   rstewart
    As an associate degree prepared RN residing in a state with an impotent, out of touch state association I really didn't need an additional reason to decline ANA membership; They have succeeded, however, in providing me with yet another.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    You only get what you put into an organization.

    I want MY voice to be heard.
  5. by   rstewart
    I don't wish to leave the original topic, however, I do feel that Karen's reply deserves an appropriate response.

    It seems that whenever the ANA is criticized, the inevitable "You only get out of an organization what you put into it" appears.The implication is that you should join the ANA in order to effect the changes in nursing which you desire; then, if the organization remains unresponsive, it is your own fault because you apparently did not put enough into it.

    One would not seriously advise an African-American to join the Klan, so they might change that organization's collective minds regarding civil rights. People who desire a ban on handguns are not joining the National Rifle Association in an attempt to further their agenda, nor would they be expected to.

    My point here, is that in my view the ANA is not merely unresponsive; their agenda, philosophy, priorities etc. are vastly different from mine. Their filing of the amicus is a prime example: Here is an organization which for decades has supported the BSN as the minimum educational preparation for professional practice. And now they say that race based preferences are acceptable in gaining admission to college programs. Therefore, this is an organization which believes that as an AD prepared nurse, I am not sufficiently educated to perform my job, but if I choose to obtain a BSN, others should be given preference in the admissions process because I am of the "wrong" race. Now---why would I lend financial support to such an organization?