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  1. Perhaps before you begin accusing racism, you should examine someone's previous situations. You assume that this dean is grading you poorly based simply on your ethnicity. Has this dean ever done this before? My guess is no. My belief is that this dean has graded you fairly and followed proper University guidelines. As others have said "wrong is wrong." Before placing the blame on someone, it is vital to examine yourself. Are YOU doing YOUR best on classwork? Are you seeking guidance when needed? Are you handing in YOUR work? If you were so worried about your grades, did you seek help or did you rely simply on what you thought may get you ahead?

    As another thought, when posting things on-line, it is incredibly rude and unethical to use someone's name when they do not agree to it. Do you have this dean's permission to use a proper name? You are committing slander right now.

    Let's think twice before accusing someone of something as severe as racism.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    Thanks for posting. I responded to Manuel without reading his website as on work lunchbreak. Various posters have made the same observations you did...the posters have all offered great advice. I'm hopeful that reflection on all comments is helpful for all readers and poster.