ALERT - Action Needed on Nurse Education Funding

  1. Congress is moving, in the next two weeks, to determine FY 2004 funding levels for nurse recruitment, education, and retention initiatives including the programs established in the Nurse Reinvestment Act. ANA needs your help to secure the needed increase in funding. Specifically, ANA urges nurses to contact their Senators and Representatives to support $175 million in FY 2004 appropriations for Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act, commonly known as the Nurse Education Act (NEA).

    The number for the Congressional switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Don't delay! Call your Senators and Representative today.

    More info at:

    Want to be kept up to date on legislation affecting nursing so YOUR voice can be heard? ANA's Political Power Website-Nurses Strategic Action Team (N-STAT) makes it easy for you to join with your colleagues across the nation to let lawmakers know how you feel. NSTAT will automatically locate your federal legislators upon signup and link you to their voting record. The power to affect legislation is right at your fingertips and this website makes it so easy to find federal legislation and comment on it.
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