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    I got this email from a family member who works for J&J, and thought it would be nice to share.

    Just thought you would enjoy seeing this and may want to share it with your colleagues. It's nice to see that nursing is recognized as a need that we cannot do without and there's commitment from industry to raise awareness.

    Subject: Johnson & Johnson's Campaign for Nursing's Future

    Today in New York and last night in Washington, D.C., Johnson & Johnson announced The Campaign for Nursing's Future, a multi-year effort that includes national advertising to attract more people to nursing.

    This Campaign has been designed to help address a shortage of registered nurses in health care facilities that is expected to triple to more than 400,000 openings in coming years. There are many reasons for the current shortage but it is made worse by the large numbers of nurses nearing retirement age in the next 10 years.

    For most of the past year, Johnson & Johnson has been talking to experts on the nursing shortage, including researchers, nursing organizations, and hospital organizations. We commissioned our own national survey and found most people are not aware of the opportunities and satisfaction available in the nursing profession. In addition, we applied our knowledge to craft a program that utilizes the best talents of Johnson & Johnson to address a crisis in health care.

    The Campaign for Nursing's Future includes:

    A new national advertising campaign to celebrate nurses and their contributions. The advertising begins today and also will air in prime time during the Winter Olympics;
    New recruitment brochures, posters and videos for 20,000 high schools, 1,500 nursing schools, and nursing organizations;
    Scholarship funds for students and nursing faculty and a multi-city scholarship fundraising campaign with hospitals, nursing organizations, and hospital associations; and
    A Web site ( about the benefits of a nursing career featuring searchable links to hundreds of nursing scholarships and more than 1,000 accredited nursing educational programs.

    We regard nursing as the essence of caring and it is critical to help resolve the deepening nursing shortage in America. Our commitment represents a top corporate priority for Johnson & Johnson to help resolve the shortage and Our Credo commitment to nurses, the community and to all of health care.
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  3. by   -jt
    I saw the ads during the commercial breaks on the Olympics opening ceremonies. They were really good. Makes one proud to be a nurse. I couldnt help feeling a bit sad too though, watching the nurses in the ads do all the things we went into nursing to do - and never have time to do anymore.

    My 14 yr old said "Hey Ma, how come you dont look like that at work?" THOSE nurses looked refreshed, relaxed, and happy.

    I want a job wherever they work.