2012 Virtual Lobby Day - When Nurses Talk, Washington Listens

  1. i just signed up..hoping hundred's of an members will tell our legislators what's on your mind.

    will send allnurses pens to every nurse who contacts legislators supporting

    aprn ability to certify home health plans of care. just include me in email request at end legislators letter. this will so help all home care agencies across the us and especially in my position as central intake manager for 3 agencies with staff processing 28,000 + homecare referrals yearly --and struggling to get over 5,000 doctors signatures annually on plans of treatment and medication orders.
    karen (nrskarenrn@allnurses.com)

    [color=#1c3b74]ana's 2012 [color=#1c3b74]virtual[color=#1c3b74] lobby day - when nurses talk, washington listens

    on june 13th, in conjunction with the ana house of delegates and ana lobby day in washington dc, nurses from across the country are encouraged to speak up and be heard!

    to particpate in person, check out

    you don't have to travel to dc in order to participate!

    to amplify the voice of nurses, you're invited to take part in the ana virtual lobby day, click here to register.

    great news! our virtual lobby day page is now live
    we have created a number of fun activities that you can take part in from virtually anywhere! be a part of the action:

    • follow our lobby day participants live via twitter as they share their experiences in dc
    • take part in our facebook event
    • call or write to your member of congress
    • take action in facebook - use the ana eadvocacy center

    and best of all - you can do it from the comfort of home, work or even your favorite coffee shop! all you need is a computer, a phone or a tablet.

    visit ana's virtual lobby day webpage to learn more. this page will serve as your "virtual" headquarters on june 13, where we will be streaming live updates from our dc lobby day "tweeters," links to our facebook event and loads of information and tools to help make your "virtual" experience a success!

    need information?

    no problem! we've identified 3 key lobby day issues for this year--issues where your voice is especially needed on june 13--and have fact sheets, draft letters and talking points ready to go to help you reach out to your members of congress!

    aprn ability to certify home health plans of care
    safe rn staffing
    title viii nursing workforce development programs

    thank you for your support,
    ana government affairs
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