2005: The State of Nursing Salaries

  1. advance for nurses survey results:

    the state of salaries

    by stephanie m. adamow, erin james & abigail scott

    what you are making?

    in our survey, nearly half of the 11,000 respondents make $55,000 or more, and very few earn less than $20,000.*

    of the 2.2 million rns covered by the bls, the mean annual wage was $52,810, according to the bls....

    if you live in a metro area of california or new york, for example, you stand to have a higher paycheck than your cousin in rural north carolina. our results show 70 percent of california rns and 72 percent of new york rns making $55,000 or more. these figures are comparable to bls statistics, which say the top five highest annual mean wages for nurses are in california ($65,100), maryland ($63,070), massachusetts ($59,890), new york ($59,370) and hawaii ($59,570).

    on the other hand, only 31-34 percent of rns in rural new england, indiana, north carolina, tennessee and alabama make that much.

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