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    Less Care for Patients
    Abigail Trattford
    Washington Post
    My friend's mother lies propped in a hospital bed. She looks amazingly beautiful with her head tilted back and held in place with a black metal "halo" -- amazingly, as I say, because about a week ago she fell down the stairs headfirst, broke her neck, her pelvis, her wrist. Her legs, shoulders and arms are black and blue. Still, she sustained no injuries to her head. She retains her smile and her wit. As the doctor told her, Providence was looking after her. With time and rehabilitation, she will recover.
    But the family has a more immediate concern: Will she be safe in the hospital?............

    full article at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp...&notFound=true

    Nurses reading this article are encouraged to follow up with the Washington Post and offer their perspectives on these issues.
    E-mail health@washpost.com.
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