Nurses who have worked as customer service reps?


I am a new grad LPN who just got offered a job working as a Territory Manager/ Customer Service Representative for a major pharmaceutical company. The salary is $55,000-60,000 annually, plus wonderful traveling benefits. Has any nurses (LPN or RN) ever been offered one of these types of jobs? And if so, did they enjoy it? What were the pros and cons that they experienced?

I was planning to start a BSN program in a couple months, but this opportunity has arisen, and I am considering it as an option, even if it means delaying school for one year. Will taking this opportunity help me once I graduate with a Bachelor's in Nursing, or will it not add to nursing experience since I won't be doing direct nursing care?

I would appreciate ANY feedback!


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It sounds like a very nice opportunity! Congrats! As for the position, if a nursing degree is not required, it probably won't help you find a nursing job in the future. What recruiters are looking for is nursing experience, and the various nursing positions that you've had.

Working for a pharmaceutical company can give you an educational edge, as you may get ot know alot of pharmacology, but nurse recruiters aren't going to care about that. They really jsut want to know what patient care experience that you've had.

Good luck!

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:wink2: I greatly appreciate your input! I looked at the recruiter's website and I saw that they had other opportunites for RN's as well. I can't help but to feel as though they would pay me more if I were an RN. I think I'll sleep on it and then make a final decision. Thanks for the insight!

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