Student Loans and Nursing Disability

  1. I wantd to pass along to anyone who might be in this position. I took a $30,000 parent-plus loan out for my son's tuitiion. I notified the federal student loan people about my disability. It took 3 years and paperwork to prove I have not worked.

    I did give flu shots htrough a temp agency fall of 2008, and by law can take in $900.00 a month. I took in $700.00 gross over 3 months and wrote them a letter explaining this.

    They do ask for the Social Security notices we all get showing what we've contributed over the years and what the amounts re for our retirement. You sign a release form and SS sends then the info directly.

    Well, on my birthday I received a check from the Student Loan Feds for 2,300 and the loan has been slated clean.

    I figured all the years I've put in and what I'm collecting now doesn't and won't match up for another 20 years. But it has taken alot of the IOU stress off you feel once you are disabled.

    Hope this can help anyone in need.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Very Thankful for the relief.
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