Recent L1-L2 comp. fx....applying forinternal transfer during STD?

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    I am looking for some wise advice or information from anyone who has had a similar situation. I have been an ICU RN for just over two years since graduating May 2016. I fell off a horse this May 31 and sustained compression fractures to my lumbar spine with luckily minimal loss of height and no surgery required, and have to be on short term disability for I have no idea how long (my next appointment is July 26th, in a TLSO brace until then, possibly will get it off). My pain is minimal except in the evenings after a long day in the brace I get what I would call muscle tightness/pain in my right lower back down through my hip and right leg. I will start PT tomorrow 2x a week until my appointment which the hope is to then take off the brace and see how I do for a couple of weeks, I'm assuming (she wasn't sure what my restrictions would be with brace off, but I'm assuming I will still be unable to move the 250+ lb patients regularly that I have to in my job).

    I have not been enjoying my job and considering internally applying to a less strenuous area. Is this considered ok while on leave, even if I do it towards the end?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Might be best to check your facility's policy on that. Technically, they do not have to hold your exact job for you anyway, just one that is comparable.