Nursing With a Cane

  1. Hello all! I really want to be a nurse someday. Currently, I am in a CNA program and I will receive my certification in a few months. I know I cannot use a cane as a CNA, but would I be able to use one while nursing? I don't have to use it full time, just on the worst days. Would I just be able to use it outside of working, like I'll do when working as a CNA? Thanks!
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  3. by   brownbook
    Why do you need a cane? What is your disability? Federal law requires employers to reasonably accommodate an applicant unless it would impose an undue hardship.

    I think if we had a little more information we might be able to give more specific answers. Most nursing jobs require a nurse to be on her feet most of the day. If you can manage a shift as a CNA without your cane you will do fine as a nurse.