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  1. Hey all...
    I am 27 with 4 young children and just finished my first year of nursing school. If that wasn't enough on my plate I was just Dx with MS a few days ago. I'm looking at a spinal tap, more MRI's and treatment in the next few weeks, and I'm sure more appt throughout my RN year. I am often exhausted and get tremors in my hands and slurr my speech quite often. I often wonder if I look like I'm on drugs lol I am completely lost when it comes to the decision of telling my instructors and classmates (all of them are super nice). I was just hoping you all could help me brainstorm through the pros and cons of telling or not. Thanks everyone!!!!
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  3. by   Nolli
    My mother has MS and I have an autoimmune disease as well. She ended up telling a very few select people in her company to arrange for her to take time off when she had massive flares and they have been very good to her. She has also had a few very rude people over the years that she has dealt with that didn't understand her need to have things repeated and her difficulty in retaining new information. One of them openly mocked her for it.
    I can't tell you who to disclose to or when, but I personally follow the need to know rule. I have disclosed to my faculty on occasion when I was having issues or needed consideration up front. They were nothing but professional about it, but like the issues with my mother not everyone always is.
  4. by   NurseArb
    Thank you very much for the reply Nolli! I hope the best for you and your mother!
  5. by   Esme12
    DO not tell them unless absolutely necessary. It is none of their business.

    I have MS. It will take adjusting with your meds when you start them and which meds they start you on. MS is not and end. It is a beginning of a different lifestyle. Wait for your MRI's and talk with your MD about your line of treatment.

    If there are things you would like to ask but not on a public board you can PM me....