Nursing jobs for nurses who have joint injury

  1. Morning folks. I was wondering if anyone has/had experience with being unable to work anymore as an RN/LPN due to joint (it's my knee in my case) injury or back injury. I am dealing with increased knee pain due to an old injury years ago and my back hurts most likely due to my compensating from knee pain. Are there any RN jobs out there that don't require me being on my feet 12+ hrs a day? I am an ER RN and I have worked the floor as well. I am a prior paramedic (which REALLY didn't help my knees). Thanks for your advice.
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  3. by   Indy
    I'm sorry you're having these problems. I've worked with lots of folks who deal with chronic pain issues and joint troubles. One nurse has 5 disc herniations. She switched to days (god I miss her) to get her body's clock to cooperate and to eliminate the need for sleep meds. She takes her pain meds and she functions, I have no idea how, but she does. She lifts, turns, etc. and uses good body positioning- I haven't seen her take too many sick days either. She's inspirational, to see her work knowing what she has to deal with.

    I have some type of arthritis (I really don't know yet, praying it's osteo) and have some assorted things going on with my hands, feet, back and knees. First off I manage my sleep well, and yes I work nights. I hope I never have to switch to days. Second I have good shoes. I would spend all I have on shoes if it helped the pain; currently they're birkenstocks with the soft footbed. Third, I eat well and take my meds, there is some amount of biofeedback as well. Heat, ice, if I need them. By meds I mean my pain med is tramadol, if it causes a muscle cramp (back) I grab some ibuprofen as well. I have flexeril but it knocks me silly so I try to avoid that if at all possible. Trust me, nursing is full of folks with joint issues. Don't do the heavy work by yourself. It helps me to do all my "housekeeping" at once to minimize the bending. I pick up crap off the floor at 5 am and that's about it. (I work ICU.)

    As for specific jobs, I dunno. There is supervision, which will have a lot of walking. There are educator positions, the nurses who look at compliance in the charts, etc. I hope you find something.