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  1. Hey guys! first post here. I'm a new nurse, I've been working as an RN for 20 months, and have been at my current job in the ER for the last 14 months. I'm currently suspended pending investigation for an IV infiltrate of saline, and also for being on my phone at work... On top of that though, I recently made management aware of the constant harassment and discrimination I've faced since I've started, and now have to file a formal complaint. I hate to even call it rumors because its escalated way beyond that at his point, but people are under the impression I'm having an affair with one of the married doctors. In addition, I have a significant hearing deficiency and wear bilateral hearing aids, something for which I have been ridiculed for pretty consistently. I obviously should have filed a complaint a while ago, but honestly was terrified of retaliation and stirring the pot. Long story short, I'm definitely being targeted, and still don't know what the status of my employment is at present. My character is being called in to question, and it's really making it hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I'm being made to think I'm crazy and wildly unprofessional.. I honestly would just like to hear from other people who've been in the situation. How did you handle it? What was the final result? Has it grossly affected your career now? Thanks guys.

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    Yes Nursing is famous for Bullies . Women who think they can push you around undermine and harrass you . Sometimes managers step in but if you get an inexperienced one who is there for her Resume forget it . I actually used to believe HUMAN resources would help seriously . I mean Human help right. A place to go to report or get support . If one has a disability that is more of a case . All you want is to do your job and be yourself right . Most times one has to fit a profile or stereotype . . I went to one place all the nurses said exactly the same thing . Unable to think independently . It is Sad . Who wants to spend their days in a hostile environment . Most of my issues have come from nurses gossiping or lying or giving the supplemental staff a really bad load . I fear it will never change . As for Psych I sometimes think the Staff have all the Issues not the Patients . Seems that is there whole life and they love to make it hard for other nurses . Gives them a sense of power . Wow get a life get a husband go to the movies be happy