Monocular vision in the nursing field

  1. Can you be a successful nurse even though you have monocular vision? I was born with a coloboma of my retina and iris in my right eye. Because of this I do not have any vision in that said eye, leaving me one of the million American's at least partically blind. Thanks to corrective lenses in my left I have 20/25 vision and am able to see well. Having no idea what binocular vision looks like I feel as if I have no disability, I can see well and besides a bit of bad luck with staircases and constantly having to watch my step on them I'm pretty much able to do and see anything. I am set to start nursing school this fall, and honestly until now I haven't even thought of it until I got my paperwork for the program. I need to get a physical, with my vision would I be able to pass one? Also, if there are any other nurses with monocular vision, do you feel it affects you in a negative manner? If you have any words of advice or want to share your experience I'd love to hear from those with similar experiences.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I am legally blind in my left eye (20/200), and I never had a problem in nursing school or working as a nurse. I didn't even need glasses until I was in my 40s; my right eye compensated for the poor vision in the other. Sounds like your situation is similar. I wouldn't worry too much.