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  1. I am a recent ADN new grad working on my BSN.
    I have a pretty apparent stutter. Crazy how I chose a profession that requires such clear and concise communication skills right?! I was able to manage my way through school ok and sometimes I'm able to control it. One of my ultimate fears is that I won't get hired due to my my speech impediment. In fact I have had a couple interviews already and did not get picked up. I guess I am just feeling at all time low and incapable of communicating at a professional level. Does anybody have any experience with this or have any suggestions on how I may work on my speech.. or maybe somebody out there is a fellow stutterer and has some techniques that work for them ? I had speech therapy for a couple years in elementary school and my stutter was conttollable for a couple years but came back in high school... and the past year has been uncontrollable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   inshallamiami
    I used to have a stutter up to my early twenties. I used a technique that eventually got rid of it. I don't remember how Or where I learned it, but it helped me. What I did was : talk on the exhale. Nice deep breath in.....then talk on the exhale. I don't know how it worked, but it worked for me. It would stop my stutter, eased my anxiety over stuttering, then eventually, no stutter. I have always wanted to recommend this to a fellow stutterer, but oddly never met one. I'm curious if your speech therapy ever included this....