Help - Cirrhosis and working as a nurse

  1. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 20+ years ago. I went back to college and got accepted into a nursing program.

    Does anyone know of a nurse with liver disease? I have been searching and can't find anything about working as a nurse with liver disease or cirrhosis. I've read some articles that say my immune system may be weak from my disease. I don't get sick very often (maybe once a year or two) but then again, I'm never around sick people.

    If not liver disease, does anyone know of a nurse working with a compromised immune system?

    Any advice/opinions would be helpful since I don't know what a clinical rotation is like or what to expect.

    - scared to death!
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  3. by   ruby_jane
    This is a question you should ask of your provider. Best of luck!
  4. by   RN2bLynnB
    I did.
    My hepatologist just shrugged and said you should be okay. My GP said "Why not get to genetics. Thats interesting".
  5. by   ruby_jane
    So your providers are telling you you're going to be fine?

    Before you get to a desk job you'll do clinicals, and then a year (or more) of on-floor or SNF nursing. Will there be germs? Sure. Will you have problems with germs? Maybe. Who's to say.

    More important, did you have the Hepatitis B vaccine? That may be something nursing school demands.
  6. by   RN2bLynnB
    Thank you for your reply. I do take precautions with immunizations and hygiene (washing hands and loads of purell after). Although my doctors never said I was immunocompromised, I'd like to find out how others do while working with a chronic disease (preferably liver disease) and if it played a role on their health.

    Part of the reason why I want to become a nurse is because I'd like to help people to become healthier. That said, I'd don't want to risk my health while doing so. (Reading medical journal articles is making me nuerotic!)

    I know nothing is guaranteed, and but hearing about nurses with similar situations may put my fears to rest.

    Thank you.

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