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  1. I graduated from nursing school in 1999 and passed the NCLEX. I started working as a RN in L&D, but ended up falling in love with home health. I loved what I did, but due to back problems and PMDD I had to quit working after only 10yrs. During this time I was arrested for a DWI which was exponged. I reported it to the BON as it was time to renew my license. It was not alcohol, but my own prescriptions that the cops said was the problem. I don't drink. I gave all the paperwork that the board requested to them, but they kept saying they needed more & there wasn't any. I finally gave up & my license is now lapsed. I'm much better now and would love nothing more than to go back to nursing. I'm worried that my SSI Disability due to my PMDD, or they just listed psych reasons, will prevent me from getting my license reinstated. I realize that the DWI is my own fault. Does anyone have any advice or dealt with anything similar?
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    I'm s sorry to hear about what happened...the bon are tough and one thing we weren't taught in school is that the boards DONT have your back three years ago I was involved in a car accident I was young dropping off a friend on thanksgiving the area wasn't that great it was my first accident and I panicked from shock that I never experienced in my life and drove off but I stopped and flagged the police ..and told them what happened long story short I put myself in a swirl spin of trouble got arrested and boards got involved they were actually tougher on me the the actual state of law...

    they wanted me to give up my license even though I was not intoxicated/never did drugs/and never been in any previous trouble..i simply panicked late at night

    thank god I got a good lawyer that fought hard for me ...now I'm able to work without any restrictions due to it not directly involving nursing but I'm on probation with them for 2 years meaning my employer has to give them a 3 month update on me plus I have remedial courses to take..im really fortunate to have gotten this but I repeat the boards are not pleasant ppl

    to answer your question I think its always best when boards contact you involving them wanting to take action against you ,you should immediately get a lawyer and let them respond on your behalf ,i still advise you to do that because your file with boards will be open ...speak to a lawyer first and get there opinion on what your next move should be...
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    Receiving SS disability has no bearing on your nursing license. I would contact an attorney/attorneys (always good to get more than one opinion) who has experience working with nurses and their licensure and go with his or her recommendations. Best of luck to you!