Delinquent RN in Texas and BiPolar, what hoops?

  1. I was working in a small rural Texas hospital (finally got out of the city and love love love the small hostital) when I had a breakdown and i hospitalized myself. I was diagnosed as bipolar and epileptic in 1996. I have been home since then and I let my RN license go delinquent. I take lots of meds but am better now. I need to go to work also as we are poor as dirt and we need the money. I miss nursing as it was part of who I am and I will not be totally back to normal until I get back into it. i want so badly to go back to the little hospital and feel needed.

    So now I have to go through TPAPN as it I were some sort of drug abuser or criminal and it freaks me out. I don't feel like I need to be kept up with in the same way. it is insulting. It is bad enough that I have to spend lots of money taking refresher type courses because it has been so many years (over 5) that I have been delinquent) Has anyone from Texas gone through this with TPAPN because you are Bipolar?

    Do I have to or is it for nursesd who have made mistakes on the job (I never did).

    TPAPN Texas Peer Assistant program for Nurses:
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