Chronic knee pain from past surguries

  1. I am getting into the Nursing field now since I just graduated in May. I am worried that I will be suffering from knee pain from my past surgeries.
    1. Left Acl Reconstruction using the petellar from my right knee.
    2. Right Acl reconstruction using three tendons from the back of my knee
    3 Minor Meniscus repair in my right knee
    I was suffering a lot prior to my last surgery, but Now that they are "Fixed" I hope I do not have to suffer through my career.
    I was in the Navy for 6 years and if you were wondering how did this all happend.
    I bought expensive supportive shoes so I hope it helps...if worst comes to worst I will have to wear my braces on both legs.
    Does anyone have and similar problems? How do you deal with the day when you are on your feet all day?
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  3. by   Southernurse
    [font=book antiqua]i feel your pain! i went into home health because there is not as much time on your feet. (usually) i had my l knee meniscal tear with lateral release. i loved working at the hospital, but this was the only nursing option for me in my area. i would look into different nursing options. around here, these hospitals have physicals you have to have to see if you are physically capable to do the job. lurk around the specialties threads to get some idea of what may interest you. let me know how you do!:spin: