Any other autistic nurses out there? - page 4

I went to an autism conference recently put on by a friend who has Asperger's, and I related very strongly to some of the things that the presenters were saying about people with autism. I don't... Read More

  1. by   Chickengirl
    Love hearing from all those on the spectrum. Recently diagnosed, age 60. Nursing since 1994, age 38. Seems so many other factors can affect; I.e., health status, ageing issues, part of the country, birth order, etc. Have had some really nasty, unethical supervisors and co-workers who recognized my diversity and went for my jugular, but have also had some really wonderful co-workers and supervisors. Health issues that also went undiagnosed by medical profession made it almost impossible to have the energy to continue to compensate for my neurodiversity, so not working in field for several years. Continue to work on finding my tribe, and going from there....