Any Nurses With RA?? How do you Cope? - page 2

Hi All, Im a near 41 year old wife and mother, and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 5 years ago. I also have PCOS... and if you know anything about that... I pretty much in a nutshell dont... Read More

  1. by   CaseManager1947
    I am now a glowing 60 years old.... and was diagnosed at 43. I keep pluggin away... the first thing I did was go back to school to advance my educational status... smartest thing i did. I don't know your entire situation, but that salvaged my working situation for sure. I now work in CM , which has taken some of the burden off my aging joints, + Remicaid has helped me a lot. Keep the faith, sister ... I'm in it to winit.

  2. by   Transplant Nurse
    Similar problems, but not the same. I have Systemic Lupus, and have a lot of the arthralgias, and my problem is skin and peripheral vasculits with the joint pains. One thing to consider, is even in peds and NICU you have to be able to perform a code. I was involved in a code not long ago and my hands would not cooperate. The hospitalist was mad I could not draw up the syringes quickly enough and my dexterity sucks as far as my hands go. Just think about this before you get your hopes up on NICU especially considering chest compressions at >120/minute and bagging them at >50 respirations/minute etc. There is still some mobility and dexterity required unfortunately.