Another victim of "restructuring "

  1. Hi I guess I haven't posted on this site for a long time. Mostly I just lurk or get twitter updates. But anyway for the last few years my DON has ridden my butt constantly but she could never get anything on me because I didn't do anything wrong. Everyother place I have worked the DON's trusted me implicitly. Not her. According to her I'm the stupidest person that works there. Well I've taken it and teaken it because I have to. I have an 8yo grandaughter who we have custody of (she's 8 Asperger's syndrome and when she was 15mo she lost her eye to retinoblastome. The kids has been through more than most adults and it hasn't affecete her personality at all. She's always happy. Weelllll maybe a little spoiled) I also have a 21 yo with aspergergers and he's a little harder to deal with very instantly mad. Not violent thank God, but mad enough. Well I guess I'd better get to the point.

    Anyway they've been talking about cutting some nurses but because of staff levels They weren't going to touch the RN's Well then I went for my Workman's comp appt two days before were to find who in the office was going to be cut and they said that they had changed the number of nurses so continue someone in the office. Well guess what that RN is me. I am the ONLY RN they are going to cut to part-time. I blew my back out at work and now I can't get unemployment because I'm restricted. My family has me only as income. no insurance no holicays, no vacation. NOTHING I have medical bills and unfortunately they definately aren't cheap. I don't know what to do. I mean I gave them my life and they gave it back to me broken then say "did we do that? so bad so sorry bye.

    (and as long as it takes me to type it may be a long time again.
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  3. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I don't have any advice but I'm sorry to hear this; it sounds horrible. I do think though, that with your years of experience, hopefully you can find another nursing job pretty quickly, especially since all of your other employers have thought so highly of you. Hopefully one that is not too physical to help reduce strain on your back? GOOD LUCK...