Nurses from Tennessee in FL

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Specializes in ICU.

Any nurses from Nashville or Memphis who moved to Florida within the last 1-5 years? If so can you describe the pros and cons of Tennessee and Florida. Such as taxes, patient ratios, etc. Or PM me.

Not from Nashville or Memphis but I am from Tn and have lived here twice. Just moved back last year and don't plan on leaving again, lol. I'm just such a beach bum. Cost of living is a bit higher but pay does offset fairly well. Sales tax is around 6% here as compared to 10% in Tn. If you graduated from a school in Tn you will not have any problems with license resciprocity as Tn school requirements are very similar to Florida's. I personally think that hospitals in northwest Florida are much better to work for than the ones I have worked for in Tn. Both in how they treat nurses and in nurse/patient ratio. But I am comparing hospitals in northwest Florida to hospitals in northeast Tn. It may be different from area to area. Either way, if you are a beach bum like me, this is paradise and the job is just a means to be able to live here so good luck on your move!

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