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I read about the nurse's shotage in the USA and I am from a foreign country. I am a nurse for 10 years and I have been trying to be certificated in the USA. You, buddies, have no clue how hard it is! The Commission for Foreign Nurses make things so hard! If there is a shortage, why the immigration make it so difficult? If any one that reads this topic, could give me some good tips, I'd appreciate!

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This excerpt from the article may help you understand. I know they are referring to Britain but the same reasoning applies in the US;

"Delegates at the Royal College of Nursing's (RCN's) annual conference in Harrogate, Yorkshire, on Monday condemned ``the systematic depletion of other countries' nursing workforce.''

The meeting heard that the number of overseas nurses registered to work in Britain is poised to overtake the number of newly qualified British nurses for the first time."

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:o Did you read that part that said the number of foreign recruits will most likely exceed the number of new grads in Britian. Ain't that something.
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