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Nurses who served in the Vietnam War

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This is my first time here, and may I say WOW!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe

I have been an RN for 14 yrs and I have decided to pursue my BSN. I am currently taking a History of Nsg class. My project idea for the class is to Show the life of a nurse before, during, & after the Vietnam War. A diary type of experience, for the class. I've worked with many Doctors who served over in Vietnam, their stories are so incredible, yet so sad. This is what has made me want to follow one nurse through the trials & tribulations faced in their lifetime.

What I am asking is someone who served as a nurse in the Vietnam War to let me in on your life. It will take some of your time up. communicating by phone, computer, & maybe even mail. If you have photo's you are willing to share, I would be willing to reimburse you the cost of copying them. I don't want you to endure any cost. So, if your a person who is an open book and great at verbalizing your past; your the person for me. :up:

Once I know people are able to help Iwill happily post my e-mail address, so you don't have to put any personal info on the web.

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Just checking to see it I posted correctly.:)

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was a medical service specialist (medic/corpsman), not a nurse when I served during the Viet Nam era... and I loved every minute of it. :)

As for the memorial... have been there, have seen it, and find it to be VERY gratifying !!!:up::up::up:

To the OP.. please refrain from posting your email address, however. Feel free to use the pm function once you have attained 15 posts. :)

I recommend the book "Home Before Morning: the story of an ArmyNurse in Vietnam" by Lynda Van Devanter. Ms. Van DeVanter was a nurse during Vietnam. She starts with her experienc in Nursing school, to her tour in Vietnam, and her post war life. This book is AMAZING!!!!

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I was about to recommend the same book as Jackie629. I've read a few times and it never fails to amaze me and make me cry.

Great topic.