Timeline on a return to work after Pnap enrollment??

  1. Hello again , I was wondering if all of you great nurses out there can give me an estimate on a return to work date? I have shared this before in other threads my situation in life but here goes again briefly....I had a car accident DUI in March ,entered rehab,now clean and sober 7 months . I am attending AA , have a sponsor, peer meetings and enrolled in Pnap. I am awaiting a letter from Pnap after I suppose they petition the BON on letting me return to nursing. I have had 2 urine screens and my case manager says after 3 screens she can petition for me to return to work. The 2 tests were just done this week I realize they are random. SO, my question is does anyone know how long before I can practice nursing given the next test is done in hopefully in the next 2 weeks. Oh and yes the tests will be negative no worries in that department Also my license has no restrictions on it as to date.....Thanks all looking forward to some advice..... I possibly have a job waiting and they know the situation but they wont hold the position to long.......
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  3. by   nursling07
    Hello..dont know if you have returned to work or not but i was put on suspension in march of 11 (it was suppose to be for 3 month from a screener i had in feb..so i was suppose to be able to return back to work in may) well may rolls around and i forgot to call in on a day i was selected to the extended my suspension for another 3 months but i never recieve any official paper work stating they were going to do this..i was suppose to be allowed to return in august...well august i petitioned and was waiting and waiting ...email and calling my pnap case manager and she would never return my calls or give me any information..in november she finally answered me via email and said "o thanks for reminding me" (seriously) and then emailed me the return to work letter that day!..hope they let you return by now