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Hi all, Wondering if there is such a thing as a Secret Black list ? And what type of issues can put a nurse on this list ? I've been doing all the grueling footwork involved in my job search... Read More

  1. by   lizardroxx
    I'm in the same boat! I am not an addict, or an impaired nurse, I'm bipolar and although I've never made a critical med error or put any patient in danger, I still can't find a job because I've lost every nursing job I've ever had for alleged misconduct. I have a stupid disciplinary action on my license from 2007 for, you guessed it, "professional misconduct". I never had my license suspended or revoked, I was fined a substantial amount of money and had to attend 3 classes out of pocket. The misconduct? I took a picture of a resident in the LTC facility I was working for, prior to the advent of social media, and sent it to a CNAs phone because we thought the little old lady was "cute". Of course, the CNA was only still a teenager and didn't know any better and showed other coworkers. The ADON simply asked that I delete it so I did. And never heard another word about it. One day the DON calls me into her office, about a month later, tells me I have to resign my 3-11 supervisor position because I'm "depressed". Well, according to the American's With Disabilities Act, she can't do that without first making accommodations. She handed me a $20.00 bill for "lunch", told me to call my therapist, and sent me on my way. So, I called the corporate human resources department and explained to them what just happened. Must have pissed the DON off, so next thing you know, a year later almost, I have investigators knocking at my door from the attorney general's office like I'm some kind of criminal! I've been applying for job after job and I get halfway through the hiring process and they run my license, and their offer is rescinded. I called the board of nursing to ask how long that incident will stay on my license, they said permanently. I recently sent them a letter requesting it be expunged from my permanent record since it was retaliative in nature, but I'm still waiting for a reply. I've gotten jobs with the finding on my license, but lately it's been difficult. I suppose it was that DON's intention. It's not like i hide it, I always furnish a copy of the finding upon request. As for the bipolar, I wasn't properly diagnosed and medicated until 2009. I don't stress easily at work, patients and families really like me, my coworkers like and respect me, it's the administration who are quick to judge. I've been a nurse in LTC for 26 years. I love what I do. Now I feel stuck. Right now I'm working as a screen printer, barely scraping by. I hope the board of nursing considers removing that finding since that particular DON no longer practices nursing for "mental health" reasons, so I've heard from various sources.
  2. by   Corgis
    Group One # 800-683-0255. use to be the web site but now you are directed to Pitney Bowes Software Technical Services. Anyway if it makes you feel any better I've worked in LTC's here in Texas and they are the same way. I'm appalled at what has happened to the nursing field. I'm 57 yrs old and a RN for many years. The CNA's in many LTC's have had so many problems with lying about vital signs I&O's and other duties that they now only have to change the patients and take the trash out. They spend most of their shifts hiding and the nurses are left holding the bag and doing it all. If something is not done management blames the nurse. Nurses have 7-9 patients at most facilities and it is an impossible job. Management will not let nurses work over to try to finish everything or at least they make you clock out and work on your own time. They will not pay for a skipped break either. Arizona and Texas are both "Right to Work" states. That means you have no laws to protect you and you can be fired for a bad hair day. I wonder if the management classes of the past will ever come back. Management in most facilities have poorly educated managers who refuse to get their hands dirty to come to the aide of their staff to get the job done. With all the green card holding nurses from around the world and the young eager new grads it is hard to even find a decent job. Health Care has become a business and the only thing that matters to them is the bottom line. $$$$