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So anyone aware of any changes? I've read the report but I can't find anywhere that the board of nursing has stated any changes... Read More

  1. by   TexasNurse2014
    So basically I self reported to TPAPN. I stole some pills from a family friend who filed felony theft charges on me. Offense occurred Dec 2014, I was still practicing (impaired) up until April 2015 (when I was arrested). I resigned from my job to take some time off to get myself together. In the mean time I hired an attorney because I did NOT want this to go on my record. I got clean, was granted Pre-Trial Diversion for a year with 80 hours community service. I did everything I was supposed to. I was never convicted. My license expired 02/2016 so I let it sit until I completed all of my court order stuff. I went to renew and disclosed all of this to the BON and enrolled in TPAPN Sept 2016. I had to get an eval from a license chemical dependency counselor, but I was already clean since 2015, so I had a lot of clean time behind my name - which is why I was not a candidate for inpatient/outpatient, etc. He just documented that I continue to go to my meetings, etc.

    That's my story.
  2. by   lynn21
    How much was your eval? And what did it consist of ? Trying to save for it
  3. by   TexasNurse2014
    I have insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, so it was covered.
    Basically I spoke with a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who asked me a TON of questions. It was not bad at all. I was honest with him when he asked. I also had to take a Drug Screen before I left.
  4. by   lynn21
    Thank you