struggeling with Az. fingerprint clearance card

  1. been working on appeal process -"good exception cause"- since last oct. with Az. Board of Fingerprints. Sent in all court documents showing completion of sentencing terms, sent in completion of inpatient treatment and all supporting documents regarding my recovery process. recieved a letter from fingerprinting board today stating now I have to go to an "administrative hearing" in 20 days. Has any other nurse out there gone to an administrative hearing for fingerprint clearnance and wonder what should I expect? I have jumped through many hoops to get my LPN license reinstated and by the grace of God i will make it through another hoop. But would like to hear of any similar experiences with the fingerprint clearance card process in Az.
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  3. by   Magsulfate
    I've never had to do this,, I'm sorry. But just hang in there, and do what they tell you to do. It is probably just a procedural thing.
  4. by   SoberRN
    Hello gr8fulnrs,
    RN from Tucson, Arizona. Been threw that same process in Phoenix. No big deal, just sell yourself. You will be interviewed by a judge, that records the whole interview. My contact was a female judge, she sat behind a desk, about 6 feet away and I sat in a chair across from her where I was asked to sit. It was just her and me and ofcourse, a microphone. I had a DUI in my past and I just told her what was happening in my life then and how my life is now. How I was promoted as a unit manager at the LTC facility that I was working at and etc. She even told me at this interview, (maybe 30 minutes) that she would grant me the card and that I would expect to wait up till 6-8 weeks for here to type up the report. I think it took about 3 months, but I finally got it. You can E-mail me, if you like .
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