New tests for IPN

  1. I posted recently that I had almost $300 of drug and blood tests in the past month. Never had this much testing since I entered Florida IPN.

    I have heard different nurses being tested these past 3 weeks with additional tests. Including o-panels. 2 different test at a time $80.

    It it was easier for me to afford some of drug testing in California due to better wages.

    Any one one else having additional pricey tests with IPN??
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  3. by   moorefun01
    I received this test last week also. They are getting crazy. Thank goodness i have 1 year left and a job.
  4. by   gabby3
    I am done 7/2017. I have been jumping hoops in these program since 2006 from california.
    Thankful I have a job also. Its crazy that they ordered 2 separate panels in one day.

  5. by   shugamomma
    I am seeing the same thing. When someone in our group questioned her case manager she was told she had been selected for a random test.
    I had the m test return as prescription positive. I don't know positive for what.
    I have a little over a year left to go too.
  6. by   gabby3
    Certain meds like suboxone/subutex (buprenorphine), fentanyl and nucynta are not common in drug screens. Prescription positive just means that you have a prescription for a drug ok'd with IPN

  7. by   moorefun01
    It has been since the first when I took the new test and it keeps reporting in affinity partial result test it progress. What the heck! They usually result with in 2-3days.
  8. by   gabby3
    It said partial result for me too. It took 7-8 days for results. Probably a special send out test.

  9. by   moorefun01
    Thanks they want us to have a good life,and granted being sober is good.They are just causing so much unneeded stress even when you know you are doing the right thing.
  10. by   tsty
    Hi Gabby,
    I had this test done on the 4/1 and I'm still waiting for results. If you don't mind my asking, even though it took so long for the results to return, was it what you wanted it to be? I just wish I knew what the test was for. I am supposed to be starting a new job on 4/25 but I've been so worried about this test result because of how long it has taken!
  11. by   gabby3
    Mine took 8 days. Result was late afternoon. Probably Saturday or monday.
    I posted above what meds might be positive.

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  12. by   tsty
    For the M-panel or the O?
  13. by   tsty
    Have you gotten any results yet moorefun01?
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  14. by   moorefun01
    No results yet as of 6pm Saturday,what about you.