My job is after me because I'm in TPAPN

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    Here's the situation. I have been in TPAPN for 10 months now. I had a positive UA for marijuana. I have completed therapy and got a job in March 2011. The DON who hired me was very supportive and I suspect she was in TPAPN at some point. She hired a lot of TPAPN nurses at the psych hospital where I work. She was demoted and then eventually let go. There was never an announcement about her release from the company I report to the Director of my department and the new DON. They have it out for me. During my 90 day review, I got a 100. My director had me sign my review and then went on to attack my personality and told me that I have a flat affect and act like I don't care. She berated me and the review ended with me in tears. 2 weeks ago, I was chosen for a 1 person random drug test. No one else was tested, just me. Not a problem since I don't use anymore. But I feel like they were hoping it came back positive so they could fire me. Then when my six months in employment came up, my DON tried to paint a picture about me so that the narcotic restriction could not be lifted. I talk to my advocate and tell her everything that's going on with me. It was only after my case manager talked to my advocate and my advocate telling her that the restriction needed to be lifted so I could find another job that my restriction was lifted. My Grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago and my director tried to influence me to only take 1/3 bereavement days. I almost did what she wanted because I'm in TPAPN but then I decided to take all my bereavement. A patient recently complained about me stating that I kicked her out of my office and lunged at her. I am the only nurse in the admissions department at my hospital. I had actually received a call from the coordinator that a patient had just come in with a heart rate of 145. So I told the lady who complained on me that I needed to see the new patient immediately and would continue the assessment when I was finished. She went and complained to my director that I kicked her out of my office and lunged at her. I have put in a 6 week notice because I felt like the things that they are doing at my job will not just affect the job but also my license. I knew that they would not stand behind me when this lady was stating that I lunged at her. I know I could possibly have to stand in front of the board for this lady saying I lunged at her. Any advice or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.
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    It sounds like you are in a very toxic work environment that does not support recovery. A DON that is suggesting you do not take the company benefit of 3 days bereavement for a beloved grandmother is not a supportive of your recovery or your rights as a human being. I would try to part with them and look elsewhere. It is tough for us to find a job for sure..but working under these conditions does not seem healthy at all for us.