IPN case closed, now referred to BON. Please advise!

  1. I have been in IPN for the last four years. I had my third material non-compliance last Friday in which I missed a UDS. I have never had a positive drug screen and offered to pay for a hair test to prove my sobriety. I was called by my CM this morning and told that while IPN did not feel that I relapsed, I was essentially non-compliant and they are now board referring me. I recently have been going through the loss of my fiance and have been very depressed. I have sought professional help for this and even documented it with IPN to keep them in the loop. I have been very active in my NSG and with Smart Recovery. My NSG facilitator, in my opinion, put the nail in my coffin this morning when she told IPN that she believed that I was not in a strong program of recovery because I don't do 12 Step. She never discussed my depression issues. I am accepting the responsibility for what has occurred, yet I am shell-shocked that this has occurred.

    Has anyone else out there been in a voluntary program of IPN and had to be board referred for similar issues? What is the process like? What are the chances that I will be allowed to return to IPN under another contract? What happens from here and what are the relative time frames like? I ask that anyone who has encountered this before or knows someone that has please respond and help me understand this chaos. It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hire an attorney experienced in dealing with Boards of Nursing if you can. An attorney will work to see your rights are protected. Remember, the BON does not care about your disease, depression or your social situation. Their purpose is to protect the public and discipline nurses who violate the Nurse Practice Act.

    I hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted.
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    KD - Sent you a PM.

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    From what I have read- mentalillness and drug dependency are treated the same. For ex. I am depressed so I would attend AAor emotional anonymous. I have depression and haven'thad too much codependency issues myself either. (8 months total abstinence).I have BON stips. Originally, I was referred to TPAPN (TX impairedNurses). That didn't get me the help I needed (referred back to BONfor not having mental disorder). Until now- (I got help for Depressionrecently after 8 years after I lost EVERYTHING). My evaluator notice distraction when I was retreiving a pencil while taking a math exam for the psych eval. I feel it washandled unfairly with the allogations- my x husband, I had a protection order on, rightbefore that I was investigated. He had called the hospital and said Iwas on drugs. There are some laws now in Texas from 2010 and changes to the BNE in Texasto align with other state mandates ( which you are probably familiar)-The BNE added to show safe monitoring of recovering nurses by keepingaccurate records and also non multi handling of casework. It willhave to be one or the other (IPN or BNE). Not to say that BNE won'tissue a stipulation (reasons also are now well defined on PracticeAct under discipline and supervision- to show there is a system in place on that and it specifies rules about the different cases).For 85example- existing problem with errors could be+/ your concern-are they suggesting you violated a practice act? Depression is really disabling- Does the BON follow up on Dr. reports on a new case like yours and ensure your recovery. No, they issue sanctions or not and send you back to the IPN. If it was referred than the depression must be monitored once diagnosed. Depression along with Attention deficit(Inattentive) disorder- it is hard to say for me- I can't even bewith TPAPN in Texas if I am on type A meds like Ritalin. I have toomuch anxiety for that anyways. I have found after therapy, supportgroups, and meds that my PCP helped me to narrow it down to oneworking med- Zoloft. I get a little cranky but it really makes mefocus and get tasks completed like preparing to deal with the BNE andmy RN renewal this November. When do you renew? Just put down allyour depression issues there and that will get the ball rolling. Inthe mean time- think about a workplace that is conducive to where youare at. Maybe some place more interesting if you feel down. Are youbored and not focused? DARS is assisting me for the rehabilitationand hopefully fees associated with the implications. They did mypsych eval and everything. It took 3 months. (Department ofAssistance and Rehabilitation). You can teach CPR and they will getyou the training for that too. They will get you college- all that.You don't have supervision? Keep it that way if not. It is so hardwith RN supervision-direct. I think they can slap that on there andsend you back. Personally, I want to work with another RN anywaysince I have been out of the field but for you- maybe not. Look upwhat they are saying under your practice act and it will define thatstip for RN's with an existing order but I don't think you have allthat to worry about. I am just saying the IPN will keep the order process minimal like the written report the employers pull off the web about your allogations if you get those. If your not upfront about depression then theywill make a book report out of your order. They changed the laws toquit preventing nurses from getting help. Remember, it's not a highfunctioning disability but it is temporary if you get help. Like Isaid- my PCP was quick to pick out a proper med in my case and now Iam even getting back custody of my kids and everything. It's notwritten in stone but realize- what you are doing now is the finaloutcome- things that won't change. I'm telling you- don't see a Dr.that will minimize your depression if you think you really have that. I am sorry for your loss. What is your name and I will pray for you.
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    If 12 step meetings would help your cause, go and have someone there sign something so you can show them you are doing all you can.
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    I know my ex would love to report your depression to the BON as third party for you. LOL. I tried the AA but also I went to therapy every week. AA are the one's who take a realistic approach and I listen to them as far as my custody and ex issues when it comes down to it. As you are probably aware but to get you back in touch- AA makes you realize you don't make excuses, you have choices that you choose your destiny ect.. But I like that my therapist listens to me. I really needed it. I had children at a young age and moved out looking for security and never finding trust in anyone and not anyone trusting in me. My therapist took me serious and was the only one who ever listened to me and cared. It is sad but true. Sometimes as nurses we try to make what is wrong in others right- we are taken advantage of when we are weak and those weaknesses are capitolized on by others. Maybe it's time for change in mindset so you feel you fit in to a group like AA. I had to do that but having therapeautic support allowed me to shift my cognitive thought- literally. I took the AA philosophy in my stride as you don't put it down and pick it up like a book- I changed my thinking in that I quit making excuses for everyone else too. It is simple but hard if your used to being beat down. You have to be heard before you can walk into AA with feeling like that you are suffering by means beyond your control.