Diversion in Illinois

  1. Looking for some advice from any fellow nurses caught diverting in Illinois.

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  3. by   Lisacar130
    Well... what is your situation or what kind of advise do you need? Have you contacted the Illinois Professionals Health Program? Have you spoken with Janet? Have you self reported? Illinois BON does have an alternative to discipline but you have to self report to qualify. The board doesn't have to offer you the alternative to discipline but they usually do if you follow all the requirements. Contacting Janet is a must though to ensure you're doing everything right.
  4. by   cjs123
    Thank you for your advice! I haven't even been given the official word that I'm terminated yet. One question i do have, if i obtain another job, and i am offered the alternate to discipline, will my new employer know about my monitoring program?
  5. by   cjs123
    I also have a license in Indiana, where I was originally licensed. Any idea how that works?
  6. by   Lisacar130
    Email me at lm@exgm.net, I have a nice email for you but too many details about my situation to post on here. You have to report yourself before your employer does to qualify for that alternative to discipline, so the catch 22 is you'd have to do it like very soon if you are going to do it. Before you even find out what they will do. I'll give you more info in an email once you email me. Otherwise, call Janet to find out more. Call her anonymously until you're sure you want to report yourself.
  7. by   Lisacar130
    Also, no your potential new employer will not know anything if you get the alternative to discipline.