Diabetic RN's having problems with EtG?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am in the Diversion Program and have been sober for 3 and a half years. I'm having a little trouble with the etg testing. But it is not the typical false positive. I have had 16 invalid tests and they are now accusing me of ingesting an adulterant to alter the results of my test. I guess the etg result is showing "blank".

    Since I am sober and I now need to defend myself or else be "dropped" from Diversion, I have done some research. First, I am finding that there are ways to affect a test for alcohol in the urine, but I am reading there is nothing you can ingest to change the etg result. I did find an article that mentioned that the pH of my urine which can be causes by sugar in my urine or elevated temperatures en route to lab in Pennsylvania.

    Are there any other Diabetics out there having this problem???

    I would appreciate any help you can send my way.

    If there are any other nurses experiencing "INVALID" test...please reply!

    Thanks so much!!!!
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  3. by   dfk
    well, i don't know if this is applicable, but my sister is a diabetic and in recovery (heroin).. she's on the methadone maintenance program.. as of late, she's been blowing numbers (0.01-0.03) before getting dosed, and she does not drink alcohol.
    her blood sugars are usually below ketone levels, but hey, who knows... when she doesn't shower or use hair products or certain toothpaste the morning of dosing, she is usually ok, but if she does any one of the above mentioned, she blows positive. her liver enzymes are normal... her liver doc cannot figure out what's up... any insight here??