BON mental/physical exams

  1. I fell asleep at work and due to the hostile circumstances involved in the situation, i stupidly, in retrospect, refused the drug test and walked out. A few months later an investigator showed up at my house. And now I received an order to submit to a mental/physical exam by a BON appointed physician. I do not have a drug problem and have no history of mental illness. What can I expect at this exam and do I need an attorney? I am scared and need advice.
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I'm in Pennsylvania and just about upon pain of death you want no involvement in PNAP. Get a lawyer and take him with you if possible to this exam. Never Ever admit to abusing ETOH or anything else at any point in your life. If you drink or use drugs STOP because sooner or later you are probably gonna get tested & some of these tests go back weeks. If you simply fell asleep tell them you were tired because you were working too much and its the rare nurse who never nodded out on a night shift. LAWYER UP with one who deals with the board and the idiots who run the monitoring program. Good Luck!!!
  4. by   UpstatePA
    I refused the BNAP, have you been to the mental/physical exam yet? I don't know what to expect.
  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    No I got evaluated by a "treatment professional" and was sent to rehab for 4 months and much more garbage you want no part of