Nurses that were radiation therapists and/or radiation therp that are nurses?

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hi all. So, i've been really thinking about the nursing career but for some reason something always holds me back. I just heard about radiation therapy and i didn't know it existed. now, i'm interested to know more about it. My dream would be to work with cancer patients and i thought i would do oncology nursing. I'm just little confused. Is there anyone out there that was a radiation therapist that knows what the field is like? or nurses that were therapists or the other way around? Any advice will help. thanks

Working as a radiation oncology nurse involves close communication with the therapists. I think the benefit of being a RT vs RN would be you have close contact with the patient but not usuually as intense since your time is limited to the time the pt is on the table. An RT is a skilled technician in their field, they are the ones that run the Linnear Accelerator delivering the radiation. The benefit of being an RN is you can change your department many times over the years. If you get tired of oncology you can work in numerous different fields. Merely my opinion.........

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