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Nurses pulled to other units

So, it seems as if every day and night shift nurse is being pulled daily. At the minimum 2 on days and 2 on nights. We have had up to 4 pulled on night shift to go to another floor to work. We are getting pulled in the middle of a shift after 4 or even 6 hours of work. I work in the ICU. Staff is frustrated, although we take turns within 2 days it's your turn to go again. I have been on ICU for 8mos. For me it's very frustrating because I know have to float to other ICU's or even Open Heart Recovery. Scary!!!! We have had a big turnover and the hospital has cut back on jobs. We are forced to flex up on the beds when we are capped. We have 3 pt assignments, new admits 30mins within one another. It is not a safe environment at all. I feel as though I need to look for another job because things have been going downhill, but I am not finished getting my experience as an ICU nurse. I feel as though I should go PRN and then find another full time job, I can't afford to be DTO'D or even lose a job for that matter. All of our experienced nurses are leaving and pretty soon who knows I may be the experience and that is not cool because I am still learning and have a miles to go. The hospital seems not to care and want to cut back on cost. I guess my question is am i jumping the gun by finding another full time job and stay prn or make moves to secure myself?


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Are you able to provide SAFE patient care? If not, it's time to move on.

Crabbypattty, is right. If feel that you are providing unsafe care or placing your license on the line. Then reconsider and get your experience elsewhere.


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What does DTO'D stand for?

What does DTO'D stand for?

I don't know. Probably, an acronym.


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Sounds unsafe to me. Find another position and do per diem to keep your experience. If things go downhill then i would leave.

Are you a Union hospital? It doesn't sound like you are. Everyone's right, your license is on the line, not to mention lives.

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It's unfortunately becoming a more common problem these days.....nursing according to the accountants.....not patient acuity. You have to ask yourself....am I providing the type of care I'd want if my patient was my mom? If not, you have your answer. You only have one license. Protect it. But be clear in your exit interview as to why you are leaving!


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