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abu dhabi-gaining acceptance and trust of patients amid tough competition from experienced expatriate employees is the biggest challenge in the nursing profession, say national nurses. they complain that people have sloppy generalisations about their professional skills and mentality towards service despite their dedication and enthusiasm to work.

fatima juma, a registered nurse from uae, said winning acceptance from patients was the biggest hassle they face as young nurses. "the strange thing is it is mainly national patients who are doubtful about us. when they know that we too are from uae, they ask for somebody else," fatima complained. but she is hopeful that the attitude would change gradually with trained and experienced national nurses beginning to demonstrate skills and professionalism on par with any other nationality.

ayesha, yet another nurse who was working for al jazeera hospital, narrated an incident where a patient would just not allow her to administer an injection. "first i thought the lady was afraid of injections. when i tried to convince her that the pain lasted hardly a second, she told me bluntly that it is me and not the injection that she is upset about. she was so adamant that i had to approach one of my colleagues who was from the philippines."

full story: local nurses face tough competition from expats [khaleej times,united arab emirates]

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