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Nurse to work at a inpatient COVID Unit, what to expect and look out for.


So I have a decision to accept a RN job position in a med/surg telemetry unit for night shift. Right now the unit is an inpatient COVID unit and I would be trained for approximately 6 weeks. Is their any advice from someone working in a COVID unit and some things I should be aware of before accepting this job?

Also they offered me a starting hourly rate at 31/hour plus 4 dollar night differential. Should I ask for more or would this be fair compensation for this position? This postion is in a hospital in Chicago Illinois.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi! I'm a RN on a medical/ tele unit in Chicago turned covid unit. Are you a new grad? $31 per hour plus $4 for night differential is expected pay for a new grad in Chicago. If you have experience it doesn't hurt to ask for more! It's very important to ask if N95 masks have to be reused once taken off. They should be "extended use" meaning you use them for multiple patients but once you take it off, it's discarded.

It's also important to learn a bit about the work culture. Do you know any nurses or nurse's aids on the unit? If not, it would be great to ask the manager if you could have a nurse's email so you can touch base and ask questions. 6 weeks of orientation is sufficient for most new grads, it's also important to make sure that it's flexible in case you need more time. For example, you should ask "what if I needed one more week, would it be possible to extend it?" You are thinking through the right things! Good luck!