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Hi All,

Im a registered nurse in Philippines and i don't have a middle name. I am planning to take NCLEX and IELTS exams so i can be qualified in applying as a nurse in other country. But whats holding me back is that i am having a problem with my name, which is i don't have a middle name. I am an illegitimate child. And all my documents (license, diploma, birth cert., passport, etc.) don't have middle name on it. Will this affect on my job application??? are there any country that allows an illegitimate person like me to work as a nurse??



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What exactly do you mean by "illegitimate?" Like you were conceived out of wedlock? I know in the US employers don't care. And a middle name is not required. Only a first and last. I've met quite a few American citizens who don't have middle names that come from married couples. My first thought with a person not having a middle name is not that they must be illegitimate. You are worrying way too much about this if that's all you mean.


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Thank you for your response, its a relief to hear from you. Sad to say but yes i am a child born out of the wedlock. Here in the Philippine when a born child is unrecognized by a father bears only a given name and his or her mothers surname and can't get a middle name and be called as a illegitimate child. I guess i did overthink and worried too much because of my willingness to apply smoothly.


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I understand that where you are from, this is important and may be a big deal. Just know I am not downplaying how that might make you feel.

But it here in the US it's very common for children to be born from unmarried couples or to moms who's baby's father is not involved. While it's not ideal, it's not exactly looked down on by most. And it definately doesn't hinder employment in most areas. I'm sure there are some very traditional areas of the country where it could be frowned upon, but the easy solution is not to live in areas like that, or just don't tell people. Middles names are not a sign of if you come from a married couple or not so no worries about it here.


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A lot of people in the U.S. do not have middle names. 99.9% of the time it is not a required entry. No need to stress.


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I don't have a middle name. My parents were married when I was conceived and born. They just didn't like any if the options.

my sons bear their fathers name not mine. Nobody has ever questioned their parents marital status