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  1. Hi,
    I am a foreign educated nurse and I got my CES report from CGFNS. I applied to MA board of nursing ( through PCS Inc.) to eventually sit in NCLEX. However, when checking my online profile on PCS website, I found that they put my maiden name as my middle name. Just to be clear say my first name is Jane and last name is Doe Smith ( Doe is my maiden name and SMith is my husbands last name, so after marriage i use Doe Smith as my last name). However, in their summary of my application PCS put my name as Jane Jane Doe Doe Smith instead of Jane Doe Smith. They write that my middle name is Jane Doe, which I had originally indicated as my maiden name (I realize that my maiden name is only Doe and not Jane Doe now). This is a mistake in their part as I am 99.9% sure that I did not put Jane Doe as my middle name but as my maiden name. So my question is:
    1. Did anyone encounter a problem with their name and were able to resolve this over the phone. The reason I am asking is that in their website they say that to change the name in an application, they need a written request (and probably supporting documents indicating my correct name), however, since this is an obvious mistake (and of their doing) I want to ask them to correct it without the written request. I dont mind writing the letter, but it will delay my application review and its already been quite delayed during the CGFNS processing.
    Thank you.
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    Usually has to be in writing even if their mistake
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    Thank you