Where to make up missing hours to get registered

  1. Hi,
    i am a UK trained nurse and would like to immigrate to Canada or the US.
    i read that in both places I have to proof that i have enough clinical hours and theory in paeds, mental health and Midwifery.
    However, I know already that I don't have enough hours in any of these 3 subjects.
    Are here any foreign nurses who also had to make up hours in these subjects ?
    If yes, was it in Canada or the US, and how and where did you make up these hours?
    Did you take online classes somewhere (if yes where?) or Attended these classes in some nursing school (also where?)
    can they be done outside the US/Canada?
    i live in Europe and would need to make up these hours either online or by attending Here in Europethe missing classes..
    hope that's possible?
    any experience and advice very appreciated!!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    In Canada the province you apply to in most cases we have seen UK nurses sit some form of assessment and then depending on the results are able to take courses which for theory was online. Clinical I am to be honest not sure on but there may be ways on doing them in the UK as long as something can be agreed upon. Some UK nurses where able to get away from doing any courses but a lot will depend on transcripts and the assessment
  4. by   dishes
    There is an Australian poster 'rupirn' who moved from Australia to BC and their nnas report showed they had gaps in the child, pediatric and maternal newborn nursing competences, they were advised by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) that instead of taking the competency test (ncas) they could enroll directly in the coursework to make up the gaps. The poster 'rupirn' was going to check with Kwantlen and Thompson universities in BC to see if they offered the courses.
  5. by   Natisu
    Hi dishes, Thanks a lot for the information!
    I tried to find the post by rupirn if she could take the courses by Kwantlen and Thompson but could not find it.
    Can you post me the link to her post it tell me if she could take these courses there
  6. by   dishes
    @natisu see post #38 in this link Aussie trying to work in Eastern Canada