when should I submitte the Form 1 for New York Licensure

  1. Hi I'm qualified in China and currently practicing nursing in UK. I have applied CVS for New York state via CGFNS. I just received the reply from CGFNS that it will start the process soon.My question is if I should now apply directly to New York State for RN licensure(? using Form 1) or it's better to wait for the result from CGFNS. Just in case the CGFNS result is a negative one. Also, I'm not quite sure about the Form 3. Does it mean I need send Form 3 to UK for my UK nurse registration. Because CGFNS told me that they only verify my initail nursing registration which is the Chinese one. Please help. Thanks!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    CVS takes approx 6 months so no rush to submit paperwork to NY BON but would suggest 4 months before CVS is ready submit application to BON
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    Thank you!
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    Hi everybody,got a bit confusion of CVS by CGFNS.Please help me!

    I called CGFNS before posted the application etc. I was told that they would only check my initial nursing education and the initial nurse license. So I only printed and posted some of the documents which are relavent to the Initial training and the registration. But on my order status it shows some ducuments still awiting to be received ( those are what I didn't submmited as thought they were iirelavent). I emailed CGFNS twice to ask the advice whether I still need submmitte those documents. I got the reply as this:

    Our records indicate that your service is currently in the process of being reviewed. Please allow time for the completion of the review.
    Please help me with this. Should I just wait patiently? Or what should I do?

    Thanks a lot!