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HI GUYS!!! I am going to take HAAD RN exam soon..my problem is I don't have any idea what scope and type of questions they will give and what review materials will I use to prepare. All I know is ... Read More

  1. by   payitforward
    Okay, Im seeing all of these posts oabout this exam, HAAD, and nurses going to ABU DABi . What gives? Actually I looked up Abu Dabi on the web, it looks like a nice place to visit! Are there any nursing agencies who travel there? Can someone give me some more info?
  2. by   narsisa
    after taking haad exam and you pass if you dont have any agency, there is a dataflow you must follow to register your license just like when you have passedthe nlcex.

    for haad (after passing), try to google their website and try to look for a link that will bring you to the registration process or guidelines in a form of a dataflow.

    all the other form requirements are downloadable from there.

    i know there is an agency here in makati or manila giving assistance or sponsoring haad exams. one of the ones ive visited personaly from an online ad is ikon in workabroad.com.
  3. by   rn_ge
    Hi guys, shalom to everyone here. Would anybody know as to how many times one is allowed to take the HAAD-RN exam? I have a friend who took it for 5x already but unfortunate enough to pass. She wants to give it another try but reluctant that she might not be allowed to take it again. She's dying to work in Abu Dhabi UAE as she has many relatives working there. We would highly appreciate your answers to this query. Thanks
  4. by   rn_ge
    Hi guys and gals, would anybody know if there is a limit as to the exact number of times one is allowed to take the HAAD exam? When I tried registering, would it be preferable that you indicate a post graduate specialty?I have friends who took the HAAD and they said that indicating an area of specialty would limit the question to that particular area in nursing. Is that true? Need your answers please... Thanks
  5. by   arvicharlie
    hi everybody!
    i'm a registered nurse in the philippines and i have been working as a staff nurse for 3 yrs in a private hospital. i also passed the nclex rn in 2009 and have been a licensed USRN since.

    an agency recently called me to ask if im interested in applying as a homecare nurse bound to al ain. i was told that i don't have to take the haad rn exam because my USRN license can be converted to a haad rn license.

    is this possible? does any body here had the same experience as mine? or has anybody here converted their USRN license to haad rn?
  6. by   juanmatias
    As per HAAD PQR the requirement is:

    Minimum two (2) years clinical
    experience post qualification.

    Your experience is eligible to take HAAD Exam.