UK newly qualified nurse with no experience wants to work in Australia

  1. Hi all,
    I know there have been many posts on this subject before, of which I have read many, however I have ended up getting myself all confused! If I tell you a bit about myself and what I am looking for then perhaps you could help me, it would be really appreciated!!

    About me:
    I am currently here in Aus on a working holiday visa which expires in Feb, I am looking to stay on here but don't want to have to do the 3 months fruit picking and would love to get back into mental health as I miss it! I qualified in the UK in Sept 2009 as a registered Mental Health Nurse at diploma level, in the UK this is the same as a degree qualified nurse at basic level and only effects you when you would like to reach management level. I do additionally have a degree in Psychology which in the UK meant that a diploma in nursing was sufficient for my career path. I have no post-qualification experience as shortly after qualifying my fiance and I left England to go travelling. We spent 4 months is Asia and arrived in Australia in Feb, where we stopped for a while and I worked as a carer as my UK registration was a long, slow process so couldn't register here. I am now on the UK register and am looking to get on the Aus register which I now see has change to a National rather than State register.

    What I am looking for:
    I am looking to work, probably in the Melbourne area, and would like a position that would be supportive of the fact that I am newly qualified, have been away from the mental health environment for nearly a year and am internationally trained so there will be difference in meds, legalities etc. I have looked into the Graduate Programs but from what I have been told I do not qualify for this, firstly because I am international and also because I am already trained in mental health.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.


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  3. by   ceridwyn
    First of all you need to be a Registered Nurse in this country. I have met mental health nurses that were trained in the UK, but they were still had the title Registered Nurse, but could only work in this area....It seems you have already enquired into this?

    Go to this site and download the form ASAP otherwise you will never know the answers to these questions:

    AHPRA - Forms

    I think you still need to do the IELTS because you are a international nurse, there is not much reciprical between Australia and the Uk now, so when they (UK nurses board) began wanting Australians and New Zealanders to do the test visa versa then I suppose we do not know what each board allows with experience in english.

    I am not a employee of the new board so therefore I can only go on past experience, I do know that mental health only nurses from the UK were once registered in Victoria as Divsion 1, but only could work in mental health restriction, not sure what happens now, I am sure someone outthere will know more......
  4. by   stamps82
    Thanks for your prompt response Ceridwyn. I am a registered Mental Health Nurse in the UK, I can only work in this area and this suits me just fine! I have downloaded the form you suggested and I will look into that. Thanks again.
  5. by   nevz1
    hi stamps82, i just requested you as a contact as im very interested to find out how your getting on?! im in a similar position as im newly qualified with a three year diploma but have heard that you need a degree to work in aus?! im looking to come over next year but am not keen on any more training :-/ be good to hear from you.
  6. by   lil_max777

    I just passed my IELTS exam with 7+ in all bands on Sept 2012.. I am looking forward in going to Australia but I am not sure if I qualify to be a registered nurse there. I plan on applying in AHPRA. I only have 2 years experience in Primary Hospital in the Philippines. Do you think this would meet their standards? Thank you.