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Hi everyone!I'm having my SEC this October 2012 at Kwantlen in Langley. Is there anyone who is on the same boat?... Read More

  1. by   harmindertoor
    hi anaisophie
    hw are you?
    april 2013 sec appointments should be confirmed in feb atleast.
    IENBC send mail minimum 2months earlier.what do you think?i need to go out of country.I'm worried if they give me immediate short notice for sec booking.don't know what should i do...........friends
    Please give your suggestions.........
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  2. by   Tinakaur66
    Hii Harminder,

    Im really sorry for the delay in reply, I've been crazy busy at work, so have been in a bit of a zombie mode where the internet is concerned lately lol I was originally asked to sit my SEC for this February (2013) but I had to ask them to move it to later on as my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and so things have been difficult the past couple months...I am still now waiting to hear when my new date is...I already have my PR visa for Canada so going there won't be a problem, I'm trying to study stuff in the meantime.. Have you heard about a date yet?? Will you also be moving to BC??

    Tina Kaur.
  3. by   Tinakaur66
    Hello Anais

    Nice to meet you, I am from the Uk, I am sorry for replying to you after a while, as I explained in my previous post to Harminder I've been pretty busy so have not had a lot of time to reply to people so I am trying to make up for that now! lol I still am waiting for my SEC date too...I was meant to sit the exam actually for this month but I declined due to my gran being diagnosed with things have been kinda difficult for the family lately...I'm still waiting for a new date...Of course we can stay in touch I'd like that a lot...Im finding it difficult to study for this SEC as there is a LOT to about your??

    Tina kaur... (my email is
  4. by   harmindertoor
    hi tina
    thnx for replying me
    actually i want to know that when they confirmed u that u r booked for sec in feb?I am living in surrey,bc.but i need to go out
    of country for some time.I am PR here.i am worried if they book me in the timeperiod when i ll be out of canada,thats why want to know thay how many months earlier IENBC actually book before the sec date.for example u was previosly booked for sec in fev which month they told u reagarding you booking?so that i can make my travel dates accordingly.i hav heard that they book atleast 3 months earlier.
    waiting to hear from u.
  5. by   anaisophie
    Hi Harmindertoor
    I asked IEN the same question and they said that they generally contact you 3 to 5 months prior the date, BUT, because you are on a waiting list if there is any opening before, because somebody has cancelled, and you are the next one on the list, they might call you for an earlier date.
  6. by   bridges12
    Quote from anaisophie
    Harmindertoor, I don't know,
    I have asked them that if there was no availability before March 2013, when would the next dates be, and they replied:

    "unfortunately, we don't have the answer to your question as the BC IENAS operates on a yearly contract. At this time, we do not have any information related to funding beyond that date" This email was sent by BC IENAS on January 8th.

    There after they explained that for the moment they put you on a waitlist and if anybody registered until March31 st cancels his / her assesment, the appointment will be offered to the first person on the waitlist.
    Hi Anaisophie,

    I am on wait list too and am patiently waiting for Kwantlen to give a confirmed date for my SEC. Did you get yours already? I have been waiting for 5 months already.

    How are you preparing for the SEC?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.
  7. by   harmindertoor
    when ienbc confirm my sec date? oh my god................i am waiting from 8 months..........
    how should i prepare for sec?
    friends plz suggest me..........................
  8. by   luz66
    Quote from anaisophie
    hello tina, I am from Spain, and I have been told by CRNBC to book my SEC assesment. They have told me that at present it is only possible to register on the waiting list until March 31 st.... does anybody know if this means that the waiting list is for that day or for any date untill them?
    I see that you might take the test around the same time as me, and I was wondering if we could stay in contact to comment.
    my email is

    hola Tina, I'm from Spain too! Waiting for my SEC assessment any advice and how do I prepare this very nervious.
    Hope everything went well for you