Saudi Council license or registration verification

  1. Hi,
    I'm from India. Please, need help with NMC OS2 registration verification, any one gone through Saudi council registration verification?? I'm currently stuck at verification. I was working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia @ hail from 2010 to 2012. Please let me know the process of nursing council verification @ saudi council, since I'm unable to find help from local authorities (shawn@ hail) please correct me if I'm wrong. I contacted Saudi council through my friends in Saudi, they said everything is available online and required only is a good standing cert,which I paid 300SR and received through email, but other than that no further information was available. Kindly need advice on this. I'm running out of time my license validity expires this month ie Jan. 2014.
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  3. by   GBURN
    [FONT=arial, sans-serif][COLOR=#006621] you can get your Good Standing Cert from their site. They will let you pay through KSA bank like Al Raji and then they will email you the Certificate.
  4. by   aishu
    i've received the good standing cert by paying thru SADAD (few of my frns helped me with the payment), but NMC requires the Overseas Registration Verification form to be filled by saudi council and sent back to them which im unable to do.The officers @ saudi council (ha'il) were not ready to fill or sign and also to give any information regarding this.I'm unable to find anything about this in discussions and hours of browsing Google left me nowhere.The only info i got was that some are getting this done from riyadh,but im unable to find from where (office name, dept and location) and how.This month my registration validity expires.I'm running out of time.
  5. by   GBURN
    aw Im sorry to hear that...cuz you know what when I took my nclex exam the board asked me about my license verification from saudi arabia and good standing certificate is considered as license verification according to them. Thats the only document I got from saudi to verify my license and the board accepted it. Good luck to you hope you will get more information in how to get that said documents.
  6. by   aishu
    Thank you for the Reply.I'l post it right here if i find any further update on this,so that it will be helpful for others too.
  7. by   Sandhyapadmaraj
    i am also in the same situation..i worked in saudi arabia from 2010 to 2012 and now i applied for NMC registration.My saudi council registration already expired in JAN 2014,eventhough NMC requires verification from saudi council.PLease help me in this situation .For NMC they doesn't require any good standing certificate...the verification form should be completed by the saudi council officials...please help ....where i need to contact and how i can get this verification completed..
  8. by   Rabinski
    Hi! Im currently working here in saudi arabia and im processing my nmc too,still in stage 1 of the application process.seems like we are all having problems with the requirements.try going to the saudi commission on health specialties in person its located at the diplomatic quarter and inquire,surely there will be someone who could help you.i have a question though regarding my the certificate of registration that the nmc requires the same as the certificate of accreditation from the saudi commission on health specialties?
  9. by   Rabinski
    I mean is the certificate of registration the same as the certificate of accreditation? Because that is what the saudi council releases apart from the good standing certificate
  10. by   augustinebc
    hi aishu have you sorted this problem,im in the same situation and im not sure on what to do..
  11. by   aoprn1984
    hi. what happened to your nmc registration? how did you get verification from saudi
  12. by   aoprn1984
    hi aishu

    just want to get an update on your verification from saudi council. i am on the same situation.
    just today( 17 aug 2014) i sent my friend to saudi council office in riyadh with the form and the documents that i think are necessary along with authorization letter. however, the contact person at saudi council said that processing should be done by the person and not by representative. she advised us to do theses procedures:

    i should post the form directly to saudi council
    wait for their response and confirmation by mail along with the instructions and payment method
    once done, they will send it directly to nmc

    i dont know if this will work because it seems that the procedures are changing overtime. but im hoping that it will.

    i want to post more information as i go through with the process.
  13. by   aatimama
    I have just done the getting certificate of good standing and license verification for my sister who is outside the Kingdom and applying for the US and now would like to share how it was done(I am currently working in Saudi ARAbia).
    Certficate of Good Standing:
    *Apply for it online at site,check the option for e-services.
    *You have to provide an e-mail address(valid) because the certificate will be sent electronically.From the online application,there will be an account number generated.You(if you are still here) or somebody in the kingdom can pay through this on any bank ATM where the one paying has an account.I'm receiving my salary thru NCB so it was paid there.Just try to check for the scfhs option,type in the account number generated.Make sure to save the receipt in case problems will arise later.Some have given detailed paying options already so just check with your specific ATMs.This will cost you 300 riyals.
    *She immediately received the certificate thru email,not even 5 hrs post payment.
    License Verification:
    Her license has expired already.She sent me the verification form from the nursing board, the applicant part filled-up) along with copies of her Saudi license and Cert of Good Standing.
    *You can call this toll free number if you are in the Kingdom 920019393 during office hrs(SUnday-Thrusday 8am-4pm).
    *They will give you an IBAN number,you have to pay this thru NCB.Just go over the teller and tell you will pay 150 riyals for Saudi Council and give the IBAN.SAve the receipt(TIP: have a xerox copy for reference in case problem will arise later).
    *Send the verification form,copy of the receipt(orig),copy of the Saudi license ID thru DHL or ARAMEX or any courier to:
    Communications Dep't
    SAudi Council for Health Specialties
    Diplomatic Quarter,Riyadh,KSA
    Tel No: 0114800800
    *Take note of the tracking number.After 3 days call the toll free number again.They might tell you to call again as they have made the request fr the communications department already.They might say they will call you but they won't so call again after several days...Mine took more than 2wks before they finally gave me a tracking number of a courier saying they have sent it to the US.
    #Verification of licenses has to be sent by licensing bodies directly to requesting boards,not to by applicant.Even with PRC,it has to be mailed by PRC itself,personal mailing is not allowed.
    When you actually call the toll free number mentioned,they will already give you detailed instructions on how to go with license verification in the Kingdom.
  14. by   arya s. winchester
    Thanks aatimama,
    Your post was very informative, because same with you, I also had work experience in Saudi that's why I am looking for a post same as what you had above.
    Can I ask, aside from the 150 sr you paid in NCB, what are the other things you paid and can you approximate the total cost for all these processing? The courier fee that the SCHS will pay for sending the documents to US is included in the 150sr?
    I am sorry to have these questions because I too will have my documents processed by my friend, because I have been in the Philippines since June this year.
    I will appreciate any response.
    Thank you very much!