Processing for NCLEX illinois, how to get fingerprint card?

  1. Hi guys, I am applying for nursing licensure examination for Illinois and since I am a filipino and had finished my nursing degree here in the Philipines, I need to pass the 4 page application form, money order of USD 91 and FP-NUR IDFPR Since I am here in the Philippines and the only way for me to secure the forms is thru the website of IDFPR, How can I obtain the finger print cards here from the Philippines? I understand that the FP-NUR should be submitted to IDFPR together with the money order payment and 4 page application form, only if the fingerprint cards have been done and sent to the official fingerprint vendor of IDFPR (LIKE aCCURATE bIOMETRICS). So how can I secure a finger print card? Will IDFPR send the fingerprint cards to me if I pass my 4 page application form with USD 91 application payment thru airmail FIRST, and after they send the finger print cards, then that is the time I send the FP-NUR to IDFPR right after I mail the finger print cards to Accurate biometrics for processing and verification? Is it how the system works? Kindly enlighten me on how to file my application because I think without the finger print cards, then this application of mine for nclex will be delayed.
    Thank you very much and God bless us all!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    They should send you the fingerprint cards to you. There are a couple of threads on Il have you looked for them?
  4. by   martianpilgrimz07
    @Jerome aclan: before sending the application form 4 page, you have to provide first the CES evaluation to CGFNS for Internatinal Educated Nurse. This Year Febe 2011, IDFPR requires local licence in applying nurse application in illinois. then You need to send mail or a letter to the IDFPR for you to obtain FP Card. then go to NBI monumento room 504 to get letter then go to Step 3 for Fingerprinting, Its free. then send it together to your chosen FP vendor. Then submit your four page application together with FP-NUR and Money order. Download packet from for some instructions.
  5. by   jerome aclan
    thank you very much silverdragon and martianligrim for your advice, they were really a great help to my application process for Illinois. Again thanks and more power.
  6. by   mavs_03
    hi can i ask something too?in my fingerprint card there's a requestor's name there, what will i put in there?and also should i check the submitted to fbi?i hope someone can help me thanks.God bls.=)
  7. by   martianpilgrimz07
    Quote from mavs_03
    hi can i ask something too?in my fingerprint card there's a requestor's name there, what will i put in there?and also should i check the submitted to fbi?i hope someone can help me thanks.God bls.=)
    Write it this way
    Submitted to FBI: Put Check on YES box.

    REMINDER: You will send this fingerprint card NOT directly to FBI. However, you can send it to fingerprint scan vendor like ACCURATE BIOMETRICS cost $91.00. then the vendor will automatically send it to CTS and FBI.
  8. by   jaice
    Hi! Same prob, can I just ask my relatives to buy the FP cards and bring them home to me when they get here in the Phils?
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Finger card may be specific to the state, suggest check with BON
  10. by   jaice
    I already emailed this address ( 2 weeks ago but I didnt get any confirmation... Is it still working ?
  11. by   jaice
    Hi! I have the fingerprint cards now. How many fingerprint cards do I need to send? I actually have 2 types: the one that I requested from the IDFPR and the other one, the standard FD-258 card, in case the first one fails due to creases. I'll be mailing it to Accurate Biometrics. It is stated on their page that they will send it to Illinois State Police and FBI. I have written on the reason fingerprinted/purpose : RPN/Nursing licensure in IL, is it alright?

    When do I send my four-page application and FP-NUR to CTS, after receiving the confirmation from Accurate Biometrics, or can I send it while my fingerprint cards are being processed? Thank you!
  12. by   moksi05
    hi i am new here, i sent my fingerprint card to accurate biometrics , how long will accurate biometrics work on my fingerprint card? Will they notify me if it is done? THank you
  13. by   jaice
    Hi! I didn't get any notification from them. I called up their customer service hotline and the woman was so rude when I asked her about my fp card. I'm not even sure if she really tracked my fp card, but she said it was processed on the same day they have received it. I wasnt convinced. What I did was I looked for its Facebook account and posted on their wall. They replied and gave me a tracking number. So I guess mine's really processed.
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  14. by   moksi05
    thank you jaice, when did u send ur fp?