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hi y'all! just want to ask how can i get a permit to take the NCLEX in Saipan?pls reply with my post:confused:. and how long will i wait for them to reply? and another thing, what can i expect in... Read More

  1. by   lawrence01
    For those who wants a more affordable way to take NCLEX I would still recommend going to HK, esp. for those who have their own internet service at home. You can actually see slots opening and closing on the calendar/scheduler when you are patient and vigilant enough. It might take a couple of days but base on my exp. when they start opening up and you saw that 'window' they open up in batches and sometimes even a whole week is free.
  2. by   lawrence01
    Also want to add that for those planning to take their NCLEX on the 2nd half of the year, there would be a possibility that the HK testing center would be 'de-congested' if Pearson-VUE starts allowing nurses to make appointments (soft-opening) ahead of the actual physical opening of the test center in Manila as what they have done the last time in Taiwan and other recently opened test centers. They previously allowed appointments to be made a couple of months ahead of the actual physical opening of the test center.

    There will certainly be some who would switch testing centers if a Manila-based test center would be available on the middle-latter half of the year as they would rather save extra money if it would only delay them a couple of months.

    Those who have 90 day deadlines of course need to make appointments now and should not wait for a testing center in Manila as this will still need months before implementation.
  3. by   jhong14
    someone help me to get an saipan nclex application form plz because I want to apply an nclex as soon as possible...